Price for botox is 90,000 rupiahs per unit.
For frownline area usually used 9-20 units.
For forehead area usually used 8-16 units.
For eyes usually used 12-20 units.
For under arm usually used 50 units each side.

You can see the result of Botox within 3-5 days after the treatment, the complete result is visible in 1 week.

Botox normally lasts for 3-4 months but it depends on the patient metabolism.

We use Botox from Allergan USA.

We don’t have Dysport at this moment.

We use Botox for dynamic wrinkles as Botox works on a muscle. Filler has the function of filling the sunken area including the static line or static wrinkle.

Avoid rubbing or massaging injected area for 24 hrs after treatment, remain upright for 4 hrs after injection. You may wash your face, use light make up or face cream after the treatment but avoid putting too much pressure on injected area, avoid alcohol for 24 hrs, avoid strenuous exercise and water related activities (e.g. swimming) for 24 hrs.

You can’t put make up for 1 day, no swimming and sunbathing for 1 day, no rubbing and no massage in injection area for 1 week. For lips filler no kissing for 24 hrs and don’t eat or drink anything hot for 24 hrs

Every injection has the possibility to get bruised. Each client reacts differently to the treatment. There are people who easily get bruises and some are not.

clients general health conditon

We use ice or anesthetic cream prior to the treatment which substantially reduces the pain.

The filler that we use is HA (hyaluronic acid), this filler usually lasts for 6 months until 1 year, some fillers can last longer – 18 months up to 2 years.


Silhouette Soft / Thread Lift last 1-2 years

Usually you can see the result after 6x treatments, you can do it 2x a week for the first 3 weeks.

It depends on your hair condition, we suggest to make an appointment for a consultation in our clinic and clarify it first with our doctor.

Please avoid the sun after IPL treatment for 3 – 7 days, depending on skin sensitivity.